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    T-Mo, old firmware. I've been using My Yahoo for various information for months with no problem, suddenly, my login cookies are gone and when I try to log in again I get the message that my browser is rejecting cookies. I checked the settings and it's set to accept all.

    Any ideas?
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    I think you need to delete the web cookies file.
    It probably got corrupted.
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    i got my refurbished phone in today and it also will not keep any cookies. how do i delete that cookie file you spoke of or is there any other possible solutions?
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    that didn't work for me.. there was no file called "web cookies" the closest thing was "novarracookie...." and i deleted that and some novarra cache file but it didn't work =(.
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    hard reset worked
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    I too have experienced this problem. What you have to do is make sure you have a recent back-up, and then do a hard reset. Restore your data, and your cookie problem will be gone! I've had to do this twice, but each time, it works!


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