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    Let me state first I had a flawless upgrade to 1.2

    backed up/wiped/installed/reloaded. ect..

    after which i noticed that something strange happens sometimes, i'll try to explain the times i see this happen..

    Usually when it has been "woke up" from the lcd being off. I will say be in the picture application and hit that hardware button for email, and it will fire off snapper. but it will immediately go back to picture and I have to hit the mail hardware button again. "this behavior" is not limited to just these programs. for instance I may have last launched a game, powered down the lcd, come back some time later, hit the hardware button for the phone, and then it goes back to the game? and I have to do the hardware button again. or ill have been in the phone main page last, go to the favorites section and it jumps back to the main page?

    This does not happen EVERY time, but enough to make it noticeable?

    Could I have installed something that has this feature, anyone else seen this?
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    Haven't seen it. Sprint. Handspring branded phone. Flawless upgrade to 1.20 (didn't wipe or restore from backup). Use it constantly.
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    Was there ever any resolution to this issue? I am seeing this on my Treo as of late and was wondering if anyone has found a fix.

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