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    I want to be able to copy doc & files to my treo to work on at home.
    So I would like to use the 256 sd card as a "jump drive" or virtual drive.
    I found an app
    But I would like to know if there are other maybe better apps out there.

    thanks in advance.
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    I am not sure if there are any other apps. But what I do is transfer the files to the SD card using a card reader (drag and drop). Works very well.
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    Agreed. A card reader is the easiest and fastest way, and costs as much (or less) than card export. Plus it's nice if you have any other devices such as a digital camera since most card readers can handle multiple card types. My reader is USB 2.0 so it's even faster.
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    There is a card reader called "Jump Drive Trio" that is very small and takes SD or MS. It almost looks like a standard "Jump Drive", just a bit larger. I love it!
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    Besides Card Export, there is also Sync Wizard by envicon. However I've read card export works better...
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