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    I would like to know from ex-Tungsten owners if they feel thay made the correct choice? Is the T3 worth the loss of speed, features and most importantly DISPLAY or is the size and phone feature worth it.

    Would you recomend a person going with the Tung if they we more of a PDAer and the talker.

    Can the Tung be converted or modified to work on Sprint?
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    Are you referring to the T3 or the TW? My impression is the latter. Assuming that is the case...I was a T/W user (hardcore) for a year. I made the move to Sprint Treo 600. No regrets.

    If the T/W had an integrated Mic/Speaker, I might still be using it. But it got to the point that being held captive to a headset (even for moderate use of the phone) was too restrictive. Conversely, even as a heavy user of the PDA function, I find the Treo 600 more than adequate. Would a larger screen be nice -- of course. But, overall, I was willing to sacrifice that feature for the others that the Treo offers. And no..the T/W will not work on Sprint. It is GSM/GPRS only.
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    I came over from a T2. I do not miss the screen as much as I expected to. I cannot go back to two devices. Now that I can use my 600 as a guitar tuner again, I am fully stoked.
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    I switched my T1 for the Treo600. I missed the screen for about 1 hour and now I don't miss it at all. I'm very satisfied with my move, especially with the fact that I don't need to carry 2 devices anymore and I like the keyboard a lot - and I was a hardcore Graffiti user.
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    No regrets whatsoever. Came from a T1. I never was a big gamer or multimedia dude so I don't really miss the hi-res. The Treo has a FAR superior battery life. The embedded calendar is a much better calendar than the Tungsten calendar. I like the well designed UI and the 5 way, it is much easier to accomplish most tasks with one hand.

    The only thing I miss about my TT was that it had a "real" serial port. Its a long story but the Treo serial port is a little flaky and tough to deal with if you want to connect to serial peripherals. Most folks will never notice but I find it a little irritating.

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    I moved to an SPCS Treo 600, having formerly used a Treo 300 and a Tungsten C. I enjoyed having the T/C with its Wi-Fi capability, beautiful color screen, 64MB of memory and 400Mghz processor, but being able to find Wi-fi hotspots, let alone "free" hotspots got to be a pain. I am very pleased with the change I made and dont regret it at all.

    I just sold off the Treo 300 on eBay, and now I need to post the T/C for sale.

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    I must say I SOMETIMES regret it. I had a beautiful LARGE screen that made web surfing nicer and also Excel spreadsheets were lovely on it with it's quick switch to landscape view. I think, what if I would have just bought that super tiny Siemens bluetooth phone and a bluetooth headset? I could shove the puny phone in my pocket and forget it was ever there! Could have just dialed from my T3 and have the conversation through my BT headset. Then I look at my beautiful Treo 600 and think: not so bad a trade-off. So I guess in answer to your question, yeah I miss it sometimes.
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    how do you setup the t600 for serial connections¿
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    Quote Originally Posted by g.711
    how do you setup the t600 for serial connections¿
    PM me with what you want to do. Connecting to another computer is relatively painless but connecting to a serial peripheral can be difficult.

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    I went from a TT & I don't miss it that much. The best thing about ”
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    I went from a TT & I don't miss it that much. The best thing about the TT was the screen that could be read in FULL sunlight. However, no new palms do this. I would like to have my guitar tuner back. I was using AeroTuner. I emailed them but no reply. What tuner are you using?

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    I think the answer to this largely depends on the type of user one is. If you're a heavy wireless data user (email, IM, surfing, etc) then I personally think the Treo is perfect. I started down the wireless data path about 5 yrs ago with that old Omnisky modem sled for my Vx, and haven't looked back. If someone comes from a Tungsten and never did much data or surfing and such (even via BT), they might have a <bit> of a tougher time with the transition.
    As with anything else, your usage will largely dictate your needs & preferences. As for me, I could never go back to an unconnected (yes, even including Bluetooth) device. As was stated above, even hopping onto the nearest hot sopt can be a pain. I want connectivity all the time, regardless of location. I get all that with the Treo.
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    so can someone explain why they couldn't just merge the Treo and the TT?
    I am still unclear on the battery lift on the TT and I also understand there is a flip case which allows you to use it more like a standard phone.


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