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    Hi all:

    On the 600... When I start my browser on a data call it works just fine. But when I want to end the data call... I don't know how to do that.
    It used to be that when I pressed the 'phone' button from a web page (while on a data call) it asked me if I wanted to disconnect from the data call to place a phone call. I would just say "Yes" and end my data call. That's how I used to hang up from a data call.
    Now, it doesn't ask me anymore.. it just goes to making a phone call. Meanwhile, my data call is still connected. In fact, I can make a phone call and check my email while my data call is still connected. That seems like a great feature but when I finish my phone call, my data call is still going... eating up my minutes. The only way to end the data call is to hold the power button down on the top of the unit to completely disable the wireless capability of the unit.
    So, I know this is a ridiculous question for this forum but how do I disconnect the data call without completely turning the phone off which is very inconvenient?

    Thanks, Chris.
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    It sounds to me like you're using GPRS now whereas you were using CSD before. Although I could be completely wrong.

    In any case...go to Prefs...Network...and hit the disconnect button!
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    The thing is.. There is no NETWORK option under prefs. AND... sometimes it does ask me if I want to disconnect the data call.. and sometimes it doesn't.. FREAKY. I noticed that the arrows above the signal bars are blue when it doesn't ask, and black when it does ask... This is all a little strange, no?
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    Hi Chris
    I'm in SanDiego too! Using Cingular. When I use GPRS (Cingular Express,use is mesured in kb)I have 2 horizontal green arrows above the signal bars.
    Using CSD (use is mesured against your minutes) I just have a black triangle.
    If you are on Cingular, there are good explainations of service here.
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    Hi Chris,

    Are the arrows green on your network gadget (the signal strength indicator)? If they are, you are using GPRS. You are not eating any cost by simply switching to a voice call; you only pay for data traffic that you use - data bytes not minutes. During a GPRS session, your connection is active while data is moving up or down - you see the green arrows. If no data goes for a while, your session goes to sleep and arrows change to gray. But bear in mind that the arrows may remin green for some time even if no data is going back and forth; it is totally up to the service provider how long those session timeouts are. If you are totally paranoid about data usage/cost, you can do two things:
    1. Get KBTracker from to see just what is going back and forth in KB/MB
    2. Go to Network Prefs and hit disconnct to manually detach the data session.

    If the arrows look black, you are using CSD data which is charged by the minute. You will never be allowed to make a voice cal without explicitly detaching the data call.
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    I too was puzzled at the lack of an obvious disconnect button in Blazer (Treo 600 on Rogers). To make "Prefs | Network" less inconvenient, I configured one of my favourites to go to this screen and attached a short-cut key (D) to it. Then all I have to do his hold down the D key and hit disconnect with my thumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windy
    To make "Prefs | Network" less inconvenient, I configured one of my favourites to go to this screen and attached a short-cut key (D) to it. Then all I have to do his hold down the D key and hit disconnect with my thumb. Windy
    Great suggestion Windy. That is exactly what I was trying to do. It's interesting that the "short-cut key" business isn't highlighted more in the phone's tutorial. That's a nice feature!
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    When using GPRS I have green arrows
    When making a data call I get black arrows
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    I apologize for the newbie question, but I can't figure out how to program the favorite to get to the network preferences screen in the first place. I assume I have to choose an application for the favorite as opposed to, say, a speed dial number, but I don't know how to make a set of commands into an application. Is there some sort of macro tool or third-party add on to do this, or is there a native function on the Treo that I am missing? Thanks.
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    With the upgraded firmware, there is a disconnect option in Blazer...
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