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    I have called Sprint and asked them to change it so my name and number does not come up on other phones when I call.
    However, is there any key combination that will allow my name & number to come up for just that call?
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    *82 ?
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    I think you can do *67 and it'll exclude it for just that call.
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    That is correct. *67 + dialed digits will block your number from being sent for that call only. They also can configure your account to block this for all calls. When you talk to the Customer Care advocate, tell them that you want your CNIR fields set to "Y" for both Authorized and Active. CNIR stands for Calling Number ID Restriction. This might or might not block your name from still appearing on someone's phone though since this is not controlled in the same manner as your number appearing (name presentation is done via a third party company and not by Sprint itself).

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