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    Upgraded today to new FW, etc. Now I'm getting random resets while the phone sits on my desk. Cannot tell what is causing it. I'm able to receive incoming calls, so I don't this that is it. Got an SMS as well.

    Anyone else having this issue?
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    YES! I had the same problem. I was pretty freaked out. I did a random number or resets, hard resets, reinstals etc etc. It finally went away but I'll admit i'm a bit nervous.
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    Several other folks have indicated that they have this condition after th upgrade. Most seemed to have solved it by hard resetting, then syncing their data back. I know from personal experience that some 3rd. party Apps don't play nicely after upgrading.
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    Howdy Rob

    You probably have tricked out your Treo 600 with all sorts of goodies and one of them is causing bother post install. The ROM updater itself is rarely the problem. You have upgraded the phone software and some piece of software that you restored onto your Treo is causing the issue.

    Here is a list of the usual culprits:

    Launcher replacement programs like zLauncher and Launcher X - deactivate them and try reinstalling or getting an updated version.

    Turn off applications like Treo Tools, Treo Helper, Butler. They interact with the radio software which has been updated. You may need to contact the authors to get updated versions for the new ROM.

    Skinner applications that allow you to alter the appearance of the phone - Skinner and any aplication that allows you to alter the Phone.prc file from ROM. These applications make a copy of Phone.prc and place it in RAM. This means that you are running phone.prc from an older ROM version when you update the ROM and have restored your data. You have to nuke the Phone.prc file from your RAM and from your <username>\Backup folder.

    Ringtone applications like LightWav should be disbled and then re-installed or get an updated version.

    If you eliminate these possible reset culprits, you should have a stable Treo again. The key here is to identify applications that try to interact with the ROM or the radio directly. They either need to be removed, reinstalled or updated.

    Occasionally applications will leave remnants (system preference settings) in the Saved Preferences file that cause trouble (e.g. OneButton does this - it makes repeat button presses no longer work to cycle thru windows). If all else fails, nuke the saved preferences file but this is a measure that requires most of your registered software to be reinstalled (if you have any).
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    Haven't had that happen to me yet...
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