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    According to the Washington Post's Tech guy Verizon plans to come out with the Treo 600 for Verizon this summer.

    "While I'm on the subject of Verizon Wireless, I've gotten many questions about when Verizon is ever going to start selling the Treo 600, easily the best Palm/phone combination around. Verizon says it's testing the Treo 600 and hopes to launch it later this summer. What I still don't know: what Verizon could possibly find to test at this point, given that Sprint PCS has been selling a model that runs on the same wireless technology as Verizon since October." ( Washington Post )

    You may already know this but I thought I'd put it up here anyway. What are Verizon's Data plans like?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobva6
    What are Verizon's Data plans like?
    Looks like they bite. $45 for unlimited data? Am I reading that right?
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    Yeah, their unlimited plan is weak, but you can have data minutes taken out of regular voice minutes for no extra charge...

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