I down loaded the trial version of Vindigo software, and like it. However when the PC client is installed (connects to the Vindigo internet servers, then hot syncs the data to the T600), after the second time I Hot Sync, the conduits for my Pocket Mirror no longer work.

I get conduit errors on the all the the Pocket Mirror sync functions (calender,contacts,etc.) When I uninstall the Vindigo PC client, all goes back to normal, and everything works fine.

I have all the Hot Sync, Conduit software, and Palm Desk Top clients up to date. I have other software products that institute conduits, and they all work fine.

Anyone had this problem?

And if so how did they fix it. I was even looking for a fix up on the web, figuring that I could edit the registry, and set up a different configuration (communication links) on the conduits for either the Pocket Mirror or the Vindigo. I also contacted Vindigo, and Chapura tech support, and they did not have an idea on how to correct the problem.

I know that there was problems with Vindigo and Avant GO. I think I have a first.