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    Is there anything I can download so that I can view System info on the Applications screen. What I mean by system info is basically the handheld Memory and the Battery life percentage, like in "Today". I would prefer it to be free because there is no need for me to pay for ZLauncher or anything like that when all I want is System Info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think you need an application called FileZ which is freeware and you could find it below.
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    I already have FileZ. I want something I can download so that when I press the "Home" button to view my Applications, that the System info is included on the top line with the time and and signal strength.
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    you can check Profeo Splash - a program, which I am currently writing, which can show you this information for 3-4 seconds every time you turn on the handheld (it is not completed yet, but I hope it will be in the next few days) - just look in this thread:

    also have a look at ClockPop5 - it allows you to press-and-hold any of the hard buttons to show you a clock pop-up, which also contains information about the battery and internal memory state.

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