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    Multiple questions around the SIM phone book
    1. Can you copy your contacts to your SIM card? How?
    2. Can you delete contacts off of your SIM card all at once?
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    1. Nope, the 600 did not come with the app to do this.
    2. Not that I'm aware of.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    Yes, it is annoying, because the 270 had an application to write your favorites to the SIM card, but that ap doesn't work on the 600, perhaps because favorites aren't phone numbers any more. I moved a couple dozen numbers by first creating a notepad note in windows listing names and numbers, uploading to memo on the T600, then cutting and pasting, a laborious process. There is a thread complaining about the absence of a utility for easily exporting contact information to the SIM card.

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