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    Is there another flash product out there?

    This is the repsponse from Brayder:

    Unfortunately, the Treo 600 has been built to some very special & fancy
    specifications that prevent our products from working on it. We will not
    be supporting it.

    The Support Team
    Brayder Technologies Inc.

    Anyone know any info?
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    Quote Originally Posted by brainodo
    Is there another flash product out there?
    No, nothing I'm aware of will give us FlashROM-related stuff on the Treo...

    It's been discussed a bit sometime ago: the Treo 600 has a (relatively) tiny FlashROM chip, 4 or 8 Mb in size only, as far as I can remember, which contain a compressed image of the PalmOS ROM.

    During the initial boot, the compressed image is expanded in RAM (that's why we only have 24Mb available, when there's a 32Mb RAM chip), creating a "virtual ROM" image.

    Dealing with compressed things is probably much more difficult than dealing with a non compressed ROM image, and given the very small amount of physical ROM the Treo 600 is equipped with, I bet that one couldn't gain more than a few hundreds Kb, so it probably isn't worth it anyway.

    Now, that being said, if someone could find a way to change the RAM-hosted "virtual ROM image" to remove/replace some programs, that could be nice, and since no FlashROM is involved, it would be rather harmless (i.e. you could always get back to the factory state by performing a hard reset or a battery reset).

    That being said, since most people using the phone part of the Treo want a reliable device, I doubt there would be that many people ready to "play with fire" to gain a few Kb...

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