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    I submitted these on the Iambic forum but they don't get very many viewers and I thought this forum's viewers probably would know the answers to my questions anyway:

    1. Where do I get more icons to attach to meetings beyond the ones included with the app? Then how do I get them imported and attached to the list of icons in Agendus?

    2. How do I get the weekly calendar view (Grid 1) to start on Monday instead of Sunday? It shows 5 days with big boxes then the last 2 with boxes one half the size of the first 5 days. That puts Friday in a small box.

    3. Will the new Vivid Agendus auto icon attacher work on existing meetinings or do I have to set them up before I create meetings for the auto icon attacher to work?

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    1. you can purchase icons from Iambic...or I believe there are some on

    2. You need to go to the system preferences. From the launcher menu - system preferences - formats...check the week starts option.

    3. In beta testing it was hit and miss. With the final release, you have to have the preferences set-up then create the appointment (they don't automatically get assigned when you create a meeting).

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