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    Hey guys, I was looking for something better than the replaceable battery only battery extenders and I found this:

    It would be PERFECT for my needs as the one Palm sells doesn't recharge the phone itself while its being used. Does anyone know if its compatible with the Treo 600? I bought some AC adapters off of eBay that give off an output of 12volts and they work fine with my Treo 600 even though I know the OEM adapters only operate at around 5volts. This thing seems adjustable from anywhere from 5-9volts which seems like a very acceptable range. If anyone is already using this device with their Treo 600 I would appreciate if you could tell us how its working out for you.

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    I use one purchased on eBay for $7. It's just a plastic box which holds 4 AA batteries with a plug for the Treo. It charges great and I can get at least 2 full charges out of it. One thing I learned is to take the AA batteries out of the box between charges because they seem to discharge even if unused.

    Either way, for $7, it's been a lifesaver.
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    Right but the ones that use AA batteries are exactly the kind which I wish to avoid. I hate the thought of constantly having to buy new AA batteries. A rechargable unit is much more convienent. Why Palm didn't think of this themselves I will never know. If they aren't going to let people replace the internal battery then the least they could have done is come up with a rechargable battery extender similar to the one I linked to above.
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    Hmmm, have you considered the Treo OEM Extended Battery?
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    Quote Originally Posted by modma
    Hmmm, have you considered the Treo OEM Extended Battery?
    Yes I have, thats the one Palm sells. Its too inconvienent. Bulky and it doesn't recharge convienently, something about having to charge the phone first and then the extended battery charges? Also the extended battery is incapable of charging the phone itself isn't it?

    However I may get one anyway for use at home so I don't have to use up any of the phone's internal battery.

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