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    Hi everyone,

    I would imagine this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find the answer with the search engine.

    After taking some photos with the Treo 600, I renamed some photos. For images stored in the internal memory (RAM), it seems like duplicate names are allowed. I transferred the images one by one to the expansion card, the software then warns regarding overwriting a duplicate filename. After I have pressed "Cancel" however, the image disappeared from the internal database. I assume the photo is still on the internal memory but (possibly a bug of the software) the image registry / database doesn't have it.

    What's the best way to get the image back? Is there a way you can "refresh" the image list?

    I have the unofficial FW 3.04.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Tim ~ If you transfered your images to the SD Card, they are no longer resident in the Treo internal memory. Use the pull-down menu to select location. Default values are:
    • Business
    • Personal
    • Unfiled
    • Edit Categories
    • => SD Card (as named by you)
    You should find your images after you select the SD Card - and you can view them with the Pictures Applicaton Program.

    You can COPY or MOVE images back and forth, but to use the Treo OEM Picture Mail, you will have to Copy or Move the back to the Treo. Alternate email client programs support attachments from the SD Card.

    Let me know if you still can't find them.
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    Thanks for the prompt resonse Carl.

    I think I didn't explain my situation clear enough. Apologies~~ The exact setup and scene:

    I took two photos which have been set to store in the internal memory. I then renamed both to say "Hello", which the software allowed me to.

    Then I pulled down the menu and used "Move" to move one of the images to the external. No problem there.

    When I attempt to move the second image to the external, an alert popup warns me of a file with exactly the same name on the card. The options were to overwrite or to cancel.

    Once I have pressed "Cancel", the image on the card obviously was not overwritten, but straight away the second image disappears from the list of images.

    Does that make more sense?
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    If I had to guess, I would say it was gone. You might try a Hardreset and see if it refreshes the list when you restart the program, but I think it is grim.
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    I agree that the next step would be to do a reset with your stylus. However, the caution msg. indicated that your image was already on the SD card or perhaps it is a "pilot error" issue. meaning - at this stage your Treo was specifying saving to the Treo. However, if you have not altered the image, it would not degrade if you copied the image "over itself". Cancel would not delete your image. Is there a chance that you altered the filespec .sufix?

    => You do have the Category set to "All" (sorry for this question}
    => In such a circumstance, I would:
    • Sync your Treo and see if the image is saved
    • Examin the SD card via your computer with a card reader.
    => Unless you utilize a "security delete" program, files are not removed, only the Inode. As you continue to write data, the "lost" or errased file will be overwritten. Recovery is possible Good Luck
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    Err... don't think a hard reset would help restoring the images when you're erasing the internal memory!

    Soft resetting the device didn't help either.

    Thanks for checking but the missing images are definitely not there, even with "All" category selected.

    Can somebody try taking two photos with their Treo 600 and follow how I described before and see if this problem is reproducible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Axolotl

    Can somebody try taking two photos with their Treo 600 and follow how I described before and see if this problem is reproducible?
    I took to 2 pics. Renamed them both "Hello". Copied 1st to SD Card. When I tried to copy 2nd got "Hello already exists. Are you sure you want to overwrite it?"

    I then pushed cancel and PIC is GONE.

    So, your turn, what have we learned?
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    Sounds like my images are gone forever then? Should I try PalmOne Support? I just thought the response from our community is much quicker and sharper.

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