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    I am trying the Alerts app and can't tell what it does. It opens as a blank screen with a couple of buttons on the bottom. I have read it's descriptions but can't seem to tell what it does.

    If anyone can expand on the existing posts I would appreciate your help.
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    It will let you assign it to a key or alt-key so when you get those alerts it's easier to view them (saves you taking out the stylus and clicking on the top-left flashing star)
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    Yes, go to your Favorites and assign a key to "Alerts." I have mine assigned to "Q." So whenever I see an asterisk (*) on the top-left corner of the screen, I just hold down the "Q" key to view it. Way more convenient than using a stylus/finger to tap at the little guy.
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    Fabulous! OK, now for that REALLY stupid newbie question. Please remind me again, even though I've seen it before, when the asterisk alerts would show up.

    Thanks for your patience.
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    Hi all.

    Where can I get this app?

    thanks very much!
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