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    I own the Treo 600 now for almost a month and am very happy with it.

    One thing irritates me a lot. I am from the Netherlands and the word "wel" is a common and often used word here. The Treo 600 automaticly makes "we'll". This is very frustrating and I can not find one item in the menu-structure that suggests a possibility to disable this.

    Does anybody have an answer for this???
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    What application do you use for the predictive text.... Is it T9 if so just turn it off....
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    Well if it was that easy I would not have to start the thread

    The treo 600 does this when typing in:
    - sms
    - agenda
    - memo
    well all the original apps on the treo actually
    I did not install a special app (like T9) for it. It looks already integrated in the Treo 600. So the big question is still... how to disable it.

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    That's weird...I don't have that on my treo (t9). So there must be a way to disable it or it would be on my treo too.
    My T68i use to have this but it was an option so it could have been disabled.
    Did you check the manual?

    Oh wait...I take that is there (never notice it before) but if you go back and erase the extra l it goes back to 'wel'.

    One question, how do you have your phone set up? What language did you choose on your first set up? If you chose english this might be the issue.
    Try choosing Dutch (Netherlands) and I'm almost sure that it will allow you to write 'wel' without changing it to 'we'll'.
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    I've read these threads about predictive text and the only example given is 'wel'. In fact that's the only three letters that I can get to produce a prediction on my Treo. Does this function actually predict any other words? Or only the one?
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    Erhem... I take that back. Dont became don't. Wont became won't. Oh what fun.
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    Try choosing Dutch (Netherlands) and I'm almost sure that it will allow you to write 'wel' without changing it to 'we'll'.[/QUOTE]

    Hey Jojo

    I have the phone on "netherlands" this is also for komma's in stead of punten en ofcourse the citytime is than correct. Unfortunately still no solution for this problem. And still did not receive an answer from Handspring concerning this issue.

    Thanks for the reply
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    I meant when you first set the phone.
    This is the set up you get the time you turn on your phone for the first time (also the one you get right after a hard reset) which says that once you choose that language you cannot change it back.
    Not sure whether it can be done without a hard reset, but as I said before I resently did a hard reset and when that set up came up I thought on this thread...I don't remember seeing Dutch as part of the list...only Deutch.

    If this is what you did on your first set up then unfortunately it seems as though Handspring forgot about their foreign customers
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help
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    hey new thread same subject

    you been here I guess?

    join the club

    we should make sure they change it in a new versions
    or firmware revisions, what say we all mail Palmone?
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    Yeah...this is the thread I meant when I told ThisIsJohn that I just gave that same solution else where.

    Write to PalmOne? Hven't you heard...according to many here, the customer service stinks and getting in contact with them concerning any problem is useless (unless it is to replace the phone...or was it Handspring that had no problem replacing the phone?) as they do not reply or do anything about it.

    Not sure if there's one in Holland...but if there is, hope that the customer service doesn't equate to the one in the US.
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    Sorry, but the "predicitive text", or rather, text autocorrection function is not affected by any type of setting during the initialization of the phone. At least not as far as I have been able to notice (although I haven't tried any exotic language, like Arabic or Chinese).
    Many of the European languages use words/letters different from the US/English way (e.g. as a Scandinavian it is annoying not to be able to write "i" without having it autocorrected to a capital I)
    We'll just have to get by as is (although I guess it would have been far worse if the current world ruling country had used a completely different alphabet ;-)
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    i'm haging the same "problem" with my treo, and i'm sure that dutch isn't an option which you can choose when you first set up the treo. Mine was bought in belgium, so if any treo has it this one should.
    I think it's just a big oversight on the part of the engineers. They just assume the entire world speaks english

    Hopefully they will listen to us non-english people and change it in the next FW. So i suggest everybody starts mailing Palm1 about this so that they know it's an issue with the non-english customers.
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    unfortunately I can not remember the first language to choose in the phone

    I just got an answer from palmone/handspring... well it is not an answer really
    Thank you for contacting palmOne (formerly Handspring) Technical Support. This is Syd and I apologize for the delay of this reply.

    I understand that have issues with your Treo 600. Unfortunately, I am unable to answer your email completely as your message was truncated so I do not have all the information about your issue. I only received the subject that stated: “On Treo 600 there is a bug that makes the word”. The details were truncated. Please resend the information. You can also limit the details to only 5-10 sentences or 500 characters just in case the system automatically truncates messages with more than 500 characters.

    wow this really helps
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    ...that's like... really unhelpful
    maybe my new finds are of interest


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