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    I did the upgrade on my Treo 600 the day the Sprint upgrade was released and thought I did not have a problem until yesterday. Sometimes when Snappermail goes out and does an auto retrieve, it locks up during a retrieve and does a self soft reset. I never noticed it before, but this time it did it while I happened to have the Treo in my hand. I went to look at the log and apparently it has done this reset before, but I didn't notice it until yesterday. The only 3rd party program on my Treo is Snapper. Just to make sure, I went to Palmgear and downloaded the latest version of Snapper but the problem still exists.

    Has anyone else had this problem or might have suggestions on how to fix it? I'm somewhat perplexed since Snapper is the only 3rd party program I'm using...

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    I have had this problem. It is really irritating. I think it might be linked with the network error problem that I am also now having.

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