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    I have upgraded to the latest firmware revision on my new palmone phone. I am an ATT subscriber. How do I unlock it? Also how do I lock it again in the strange event I might want to.

    One last thing, does anyone know what happened to the firmware upgrade page from France. It seemed to disappear?
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    There are a few ways to unlock your phone.

    1) with a hacked firmware (not available on att 3.06 (yet)
    2) Get unlock code from cell provider (att will not give you the code)
    3) external service (dont know off hand of any but they are out there)
    4) switch cell providers (cingular and tmo offer unlocked phones, and in some cases after a certain period of time, will send you the unlock code)

    Which one you choose is up to you but here are your options.

    If anyone knows of any other, please let him know


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