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    hi !

    tried to gather as much info as possible from other "update" threads, but i can't seem to figure out a straight answer for this case...

    ...i've been with orange france for more than six months now, so i have the right to unlock the treo600; i did call the support service and they kindly provided the unlock code for me.

    now that i have an unlocked ex-french orange treo600, which update should i try ?

    the general unlocked treo600 update ?
    or wait for the...
    orange treo600 update ?

    ...anyone among you in the same situation tried the update yet ?


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    you can do whichever you like, even Cingular or ATTWS if you choose
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    gr8, thanks for your reply !!!

    ...will take a little while b4 i have the time to perform the update, but i'll keep you posted about the results...

    in the meantime, if you already DID update from the same scenario, please leave a note...

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    I'll be very interested to know if it works for you - I am on Orange France too. I was thinking of the genereic GSM Installer. Look forward to you feedback!
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    C'est un site dedie au Treo avec un focus plus Europeen que TreoCentral. Plein gens qu'ont deja installe le MAJ sur leur Treo Orange. En plus, t'en trouves tous les fichiers et des FAQ.
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    Am with Orange France and have an unlocked T600. Did the general upgrade (FW 3.04) a while ago without any problems. If you want it to remain Orange-branded and continue using the Orange utilities (i.e. backup) though, you'd need to use the official upgrade.

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