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    after a necessary hard reset and restoring everything from my sd card i have found that for some reason my back uup buddy icon only shows when i look at the apps on the card, it does not appear under all with the rest of the nprogram. this would not bother me except now i find that the back up does not work on schedule as it should, it will back up when i press it manually, but does not do so automatically. i aam missing something her? is it realted to not seeing the icon on my home palm page underr the all category?
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    You need to reinstall backup buddy on your Palm. At the moment it appears to be installed on your SD card only. It will not run autobackups from the card (stated in the manual).

    I had the same problem. Reinstalling fixed it.
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    could you please tell me how i can go about re installing it
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    that did it

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