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    I recently gave my treo to the support because of the famous buzz issue.

    since I'm waiting for it since 3 weeks, yesterday I called the support and they told me they can send me an 'old' treo 600 next monday, or I could wait for new hardware updated treo 600 which will be available next week.

    I asked her info about this new treo, she told me it comes with palmOne logo, improved speaker and so on... so I think it's just an 'old' plain Treo 600 with 3.05 firmware, what do you think about?
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    While I *hope* it's new hardware I bet it's the same one I just got with the PalmOne logo.
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    I called PalmOne last week regarding phone replacement (again!!!). The guy on the phone told me that the Treos that are shipping now (including refurbihed units) have new and improved speakers. That's all I know
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    I just receieved my PalmOne Treo. Great Speaker.

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