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    Is anyone aware of an app which will WAKEUP the SD card. I know the POPout issue is something you just have to just live with on the Treo, I have already sanded the SD card down and it works. However from time to time the Treo does not see the SD card and since I have a Krusell case it is an irritant to remove and reseat the SD card.
    I have found that resetting the phone also re-enables the Treo to be able to see the SD card again but this is not a good option. Maybe it just MY SD card that has this characteristic.
    I was hoping that there is an app available which will reset the SD card so the Treo will see the card again.
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    I don't know about reseting the Card but I do know that there are programs that will allow you to reset your phone without the use of the stylus (adds an icon to your screen which you click to reset the device).
    Unfortunately I can't remember the name but I'm sure a quick search will help you.
    Anyone remembers the name of the app I'm talking about???
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    silver screen has reset ...
    actually tehres a way to solved the popout issue
    i use LaunchThis to solve that
    works like a charm
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    g.711, I have had that problem when I got my Kingston 512 SD Card but has not had that problem since. I removed Launcher III (my nice free default launcher) and upgraded to Launcher X. It has an Auto "refresh" that keeps the card in mind so you never have to pop the card out and in. It is not free but the launcher/file manager is nice and simple. You can also manually "refresh" the Treo as well as tell it to ignore the SD card for faster speeds. Give the trial a try and see if it fixes your problem.

    Here is the link to the whole SD card issue:

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