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    I'm not sure if there is or not, but there seems to be software for everything on this phone. I hate the contact list on the phone and wanted something different. I also don't like the setup of the the call log. What is out there? Free is always good
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    For the contact list, there are different options.

    If you also want to replace the calendar, you could try Agendus. Or you could try TAKEphONE, which replaces both the phone and contacts applications.

    For the call log, I would recommend SmartPhoneTools.
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    I'm looking for a tool which allow me to make notes for those calls i make or receive where the caller is not in my contacts (and shouldn't be). It may be a wrong number, or a one-time call to a repair guy or store, etc... When I do my monthly reconcilliation of work calls versus personal calls (so i can bill company!), i sometimes have to call these logged numbers and see who answers inorder to allocate the minutes correctly. Also, I sometimes make personal calls to co-workers which shouldn't be added to the company tab. Is there a utility out there that lets you add a comment or assign a name to the log?

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