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    "Windows Mobile may run on palmOne hardware" was the title of this article on May 7.

    I was surprised that there wasn't much chatter about this. I would consider this a huge blow to all of us Treo users who like the functionality and flexibility of the Palm OS. I find it imperative to have an OS that has tons of software available for it and even better, the ability to easily develop it on our own.

    Anyone a little upset about this rumor?
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    I think PalmOne is looking to maximize its sales in this case. While Jeff Hawkins himself invented Palm OS, and I'm sure he still feels it is superior to the competition, some business's only want Windows Mobile devices. If PalmOne (without major modification) can sell a windows mobile model, it would increase Treo sales, improving PalmOne's revenue and profitability.

    If they still like Palm OS a lot, maybe they can always make the Windows version one hardware revision behind. For example, when a new super duper Treo comes out later this year, they could also release the current Treo 600 as a windows mobile version, while keeping the new super duper Treo palm OS only..
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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