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    I am using a Cingular unlocked T600 on Tmo network. I updated my T600 this afternoon without a problem. However, I'm unable to use Avantgo after the update. Has anyone encountered with a similar problem. Any suggestions on fixing this? Thanks!
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    Try re-installing and checking your conduit. I have no problems with avantgo post update...
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    No problems for me. Maybe you'd want to check your Avantgo server settings? Something could have been mucked up in the transition.
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    Works for me too.

    Now, I have noticed over the past few days that images are not showing up on the channel list, but that predates my upgrade.
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    Could be that you've set the Avantgo prefs not to load images.
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    Please be more specific about your problem-- there are about 80 ways that it could "NOT WORK"

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    Got my Avantgo to work at last. Here is what I did: From my Avantgo account, I chose Manage account - Advanced Controls, and cleared the channel cache, cookies and authenticate info. I hot-syched, and Avantgo was good to go.
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    That's good news.

    Another handy Avantgo tip--- if your have any pages that don't render properly or bitmaps/icons that don't load-- Try going to AvantGo Connect > Settings > Refresh All Content.

    Once you sync, this can usually fix the content problems...

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