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    The free program Sandman used to turn off the screen on the T600 stopped working on outbound calls after i did the update to 1.20. The funny thing is, it turns the screen off during incoming calls though. Are their any other free programs out there that can work, or is there a way to fix my porblem?
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    Phoneguard isn't free, and a link back 2 the sandman site doens't help, because when i tried to reinstall the app, it still wouldn't work, but thanks anyway.
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    I'm right with you chip2333. I had come to rely on Sandman, and I now experience the exact same behavior. Today I sent an e-mail to the developer ( to see if there's any chance for an upgrade. I don't want to pay $8.99 for PhoneGuard whrn that's the only reason why I would use it.

    Maybe we can start a write-in campaign to the Developer and hope for some good will???
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    TreoGuard (used to be called PhoneGuard) includes a work around for CarKit.prc, which apparently is what changes the behavior after the update.
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    I don't know why anyone would wanna pay $10 for a program just to turn off the screen during a phone call eventhough i'm sure that treoGuard has more features. Well i hope the sandman developer comes up with a update to fix the problem, because my battery life is suffering greatly.

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