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    Hi all,

    just got my Vaja Ivolution case after 10 days of ordering... not too bad afterall, their delivery speed does increase a little..

    mine is a Gray + black version... no really satisfy with the case coz it is really expensive (u know, sort of a quality vs money thing) .. but overall it is good..

    it does add a bit size to the phone but it is bearable..

    it doesnt fit very well though..

    and my travel sync charge cable cannot be use with the case on because the plug is abit too big for the cutout..
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    the skin on the cutout of the speaker are not so good as you can see in the picture.
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    it would be great if the the skin on the bottom of the case is thinner.. then the case will fit better.
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    one question for all ivolution case owner, is the top of case fit the treo this way?

    doesnt the case cover a bit of the top of the phone?
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    photo of the case focus on the keyboard area.. quite nice!!
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    Hey, that's the exact same as mine! (Except my Treo is the dark version.) Like you, I think it's pretty nice but not convinced it was worth all that money. The edge of the opening around the earpiece seems to have been treated with some kind of plastic coating and is peeling a little bit on mine. I guess it wouldn't have bothered me if this started happening after the case was 8-12 months old, but I received mine about a month ago. Overall, I do like the way it looks, feels and fits the Treo, though. (The top of the case is supposed to fit that way. It allows easy access to the buttons up there and you can see the LED, too.)

    It bothered me to shell out 100+ bucks for it, but the Treo 600 is such a nice looking device, I thought it would be a shame to cover it with something that detracted from its appearance. I think the i-volution is really the only case out there that seems to complement the Treo's appearance.
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    Yes, Zucchini, the top fits like the picture - it is just below the top edge. I don't understand why your charger doesn't fit - the opening looks correct. J.C. - if your lining is peeling after a month, you should exchange it. Mine is fine since February.
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