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    OK, I need help and can't seem to find any answers. I have an unlocked GSM (purchased in Singapore) with a TMo chip. I updated to the "leaked" firmware a few months ago. This is what my phone reads:

    firm: 3.04
    soft: treo600-1.12/1030/03
    hard: B

    So if I'm understanding everything correctly, i can / should be able to run the int. update with no conflict? Is there that much of an improvement between 3.04 and the current PalmOne release of 3.05? And lastly, from those who have downloaded carrier specific updates, should I wait for TMo?

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    just upgrade .....
    i was from 3.04 - 3.05
    same hardware b

    upgrade with no problem ...

    the only thing i noticed is the brightness.. i dunno
    some ppl say im paranoid.. but some do have similar paranoia like me ..
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    Greetings from Singapore, I have updated my Treo with the ROW updater and have not had any problems. Since your Treo's from around here too, I guess it should be alright to take the step up to 3.05
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    So I should use the INT update or wait until my carrier's, TMo, is out? Does it really matter?

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