i'm in a good bit of ****. I have a Treo 600 that was locked to AT&T U.S.A. I attempted firmware upgrade in order to unlock the phone using Cingular updater (2.12 firmware) and then the patched version (I followed all directions found in METHOD C by Vulcan on mytreo.net's faq. I have no SD card so i installed to the phone, and when i went to delete the files after applying the patched version, i received a message stating i could not delete checker. Thus when i tried to run the CROW 1.12 updater, it did not install properly because it could not rewrite the checker file. I got an APPLINFLATOR file but no ROMUPDATER file.

Problem is, i cannot hard restart to get rid of the checker file. The phone is recognizing sim cards from two networks that use 1900 bands, but not the one that uses the 1800 (the one i want to be on). How can i hard restart the phone using the desktop? or what can i do? any suggestions welcome. thanks.