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    After a flawless upgrade to 1.20, the 600 now power cycles on each inbound call. Using the Error Log: ##377 (##ERR) I got the following:

    DataMgr.C, Line: 6341
    Invalid unique ID passed

    Has anyone else experienced this problem yet, and can anyone translate this error for us. Does not seem to be related to applications on phone.

    Thanks !
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    This may be related to a problem reported by a number of people who take PalmOne (and Treocentral) at their word when they announced that the Sprint upgrade now included support for the car kit: The kit works perfectly for outgoing calls, but does not work at all for incoming.
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    I had the reset problem at first, but knew imediately that it was an app (LWav) causing it. Never bothered with ##377. I just disabled the app to verify it, then reinstalled LWav and the problem disappeared.

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