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    Apparently the December 2003 talk of making a Palm client app that would access the Blackberry server wasn't just talk. I admit that I was as skeptical as the next person when PalmSource and RIM announced they were discussing the possibility.

    But at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Chicago this week, Palm and RIM (1) announced they'd finalized the distribution agreement, and (2) demonstrated a Palm OS device running an early version of the Blackberry Connect client app. They've said the software would be released in "the second half of 2004" and we know what that means... December 31st if all the stars align.

    For those whose employers operate a Blackberry server, and aren't likely to get a GoodLink server in addition, they will be very happy indeed. My personal experience with the instability and limited functions of the other Outlook server access products certainly leaves me looking forward to the Blackberry Connect client for Palm. Yay!

    I'd love to see a posting from anyone who was at that conference and saw the demo.

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    Whoops! Instead of Communication, there's a thread on this subject in Hardware. Check it out there.

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