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    I did the 1.20 update on a brand new Treo 600. Before I ever added any 3rd party software I logged on to the Web. I then went to Network Prefs and hit the disconnect button. This renders the unit useless for at least 30-45 seconds. You can't do anthing, buttons don't work and other than a soft reset the only thing you can do is wait it out. After the wait the unit becomes operable again. After adding my 3rd party software, SnapperMail being one of them I discovered that the auto disconnect on SnapperMail works without the hang. Why would the SnapperMail auto disconnect work without a hitch but the Treo's own disconnect hang up? These problems did not exist on 1.10. Sprint Vision tech supervisor was clueless, as was the PalmOne tech. They both suggested a hard reset which I had already done to no avail. And really shouldn't have mattered since the problem started before adding my own apps. No way to go back to 1.10 and besides trying to beg Sprint for another new phone I'd love to be able to fix this, as it's the only glitch I've seen after the update. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've wasted too much time on the phone with the EXPERTS at Sprint and PalmOne. Hopefully the real experts here can be more helpful. Thanks.
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    I have been having similar issues after installing the latest Sprint Treo 600 update. I also have Snappermail v1.92 and I disconnect manually. When I disconnect using Snappermail's "Options - Disconnect" menu option the Treo hangs and then goes into a soft reboot. If I disconnect from PCS Vision by going into the Treo's Pref-Network settings then the Treo hangs for about 40 seconds, but does not soft reboot.

    I usually disconnect from PCS Vision out of habit from doing it with the old Treo 300, but it seems with the Treo 600 that there is not really a "need" to disconnect. The Treo will do it automatically in time and no calls are missed if still connected, so long as nothing is being downloaded. Being connected seemed to cause me more issues with the Treo 300 than the Treo 600. So I guess I can just remain connected.

    I really wish there was a fix for this issue though. Oh well, I guess we will have to see what Treo Updater v1.30 has in store for us .
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    I am having same problems with my phone. Everytime it goes to network disconnect after using the web or checking email the phone hangs and has to soft reset.

    Using the manual network disconnect button in the "prefs" causes a hang also.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this?
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    Hmmph-- when I have TreoHelper automatically disconnect me due to inactivity, it tries to shut off the radio and that indeed takes 45 seconds at minimum. I thought it was my "Matrix" logo hack, but I guess it seems to be a common problem?

    I have Rev C Hardware.
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    See this thread

    I have Rev B hardward, but hardware version does not seem to indicate who has the problem. Some do and some don't.

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