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    Anybody know of a utility that will always keep the keyboard backlight on when the power button is pressed? I don't want to have to always press the option p button. I work in low light conditions. (not to mention my eyes are going bad) and the option characters are too small to read. I have tried Butler, Allegro etc. None seem to keep the backlight from timing out.
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    I've been looking for the same thing for the longest with no luck yet. Hopefully someone will come up with something. Seems like a simple enough app to write.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treosixoo
    I've been looking for the same thing for the longest with no luck yet. Hopefully someone will come up with something. Seems like a simple enough app to write.
    Profeo Lite works great for me. New software still being perfected.

    Go here:
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    Have a look at MlighP
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    damn mobile forum isn't working. Try Mlights from motionapps.
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    I tried this one. Don't think the backlight will stay on without timing out, but I will test it again. Thanks
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    you can go to my web site and download Profeo Light Control - a simple program, which allows you to select time at which day mode and night mode should be switched automatically. in night mode there is an option to make the keyboard backlight permanent - just uncheck the auto-off checkbox. the URL of the prc file is:
    it is free download, unlike mLights.
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    Thank you Nachon, I will test this again. I tried it once, but thought the backlight timed out. I will try again. maybe wrong setting.
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    record1, note that you have to turn dual mode on - the permanent keyboard backlight is available only in night mode (in this mode the display is always with minimum brightness). I have not figured yet how to do this in day mode (when you can adjust the brightness), but I am working on a solution that will keep permanent keyborad backlight in day mode. This is a limitation of the publicly available palmOne API.

    if you have any problems just post here or send me an e-mail and I will be glad to answer it.
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    Nachon, thanks for the app. I'm going to test it out now.
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    thanks for making this app!! TreoAllegro did this, but crashed my Treo too many times to keep using it.
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    Nachon, installed Profeo. Seems to be working great so far. I just set the night mode to start at 9am. Will be donating soon. I'll watch the threads to see if you can get the brightness to change in night mode. Thanks.
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    record1, in Profeo LC you can actualy set the night mode to start 1 minute after day mode. :-) also, you may want to try Profeo 600 Lite - it has 4 profiles that are automatically switched plus a permanent override feature, so it is definitely more flexible regarding the light mode, plus it allows you to control that radio state and is only about 10-12KB bigger.

    I will start working on a solution to the permanent keylight in day mode problem (seems more possible than adjusting the brightness in night mode :-) in the next few days and I will update the programs if I manage to do that. Also, contrast control will be added in the next release of both Profeo Light Control and Profeo 600 Lite.
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    nachon, I seem to be missing something-- what are the settings in Profeo LC to keep the keyboard on in the overnight profile? Also, in overnight, is there a way to enable the radio other than to override?
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    hi neill, I assume that you are using Profeo 600 Lite, not the standalone LC or RC programs. In order to enable the radio in overnight mode, you need to open the overnight profile and click the first icon after the label Radio (the icon looks like an antenna with rays radiating from it) - by default in overnight is selected the icon with the same graphic and the red circle over it.
    To keep the keyboard permanently on inovernight mode, you must make sure that you have selected night mode (the moon icon) and the you must uncheck the autodim option. I hope this clarifies your questions. :-)
    Thank you for using Profeo, I hope you will like it. :-)
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    I'm in the Overnight edit profile screen, and don't see a radio icon, only day/night icons. Only in the override screen do I see a radio icon. Using v.

    I've got it now I had to check the Radio Control box.
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    :-) yeah, that was the next thing I was going to say - you can permanently disable the Radio/Light/Volume control from the main screen and the options in the profiles will disappear. :-)

    Glad you figured it on your own. :-)
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    Nachon, I installed Profeo Lite. I am using Day profile only which is set at 6:00am. I also have Teallock. Every morning when I turn on my Treo, the time is frozen at 6:00am and Teallock is disabled. I cannot even enter my password and it seems like it is in a loop. I have to do a soft reset, enable Teallock, enable Profeo Lite. The following day, it will do the same thing again.

    I uninstall Profeo lite and observed. The following morning, when I turned on my Treo, I did not have any problem at all. Is there a known conflict between Teallock and Profeo?
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    Hi Drex, thanks for the feedback. I have not tested Profeo with Teallock, so if there is a problem, then it wasn't known until now. I will check if there is a trial verison of Teallock and will see if I can figure out what could be the problem.

    can you tell me which options in the general settings have you enabled ?
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    Drex, I downloaded the Teallock trial and did some experimenting, but for now I can not reproduce the problem. Can you please provide me with information about all your Profeo Lite settings (what is enabled/disabled) and perhaps your Teallock settings - when is Teallock enabled and so on.

    Also, if anyone else is experiencing similar problems - I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
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