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    Nachon, here's my settings in Profeo:
    Enable Profeo
    After reset
    Enable Scheduling and Light Control
    Day profile enabled, schedule at 6:00am
    Brightness set to Min

    On Teallock:
    Under Category Activation, Automatic Locking, Lock handheld 0 mins after power off, 2 mins after password entry and 2 mins after last activity, Enabled on Sunday through Saturday between the hours of 12:00am and 11:59am

    Under Category Security, Advanced Options, Wake Up handheld to lock/hide.

    Thanks Nachon.
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    Drex, thanks, I will configure them in this way and see if I can figure out the problem.
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    Nachon, there were 3 apps involved, Profiles, Teallock and Profeo. I solved the problem by setting Profiles to Light:Normal and by NOT selecting Toggle backlight on power up under Security, Advance Options of Teallock. Profeo works as advertised.
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    Hi Drex, thanks for the update on the situation ! I tried to reproduce the problem, but was unable, so I couldn't provide any feedback. Now I can safely remove Teallock, cause it annoys me somewhat. I will add this information to my web site, in case someone else has similar problems.
    I am glad you solved the problem and I am happy that it wasn't a bug in Profeo.
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    Hello everyone, as a part of my work on new Profeo features, I have a new version 0.9 of Profeo LightControl, so if you are using the application, you may want to update it. Please delete any previous version before installing this one. Currently, the program is available on my web site,'s downloads section, and for purchase on PalmGear and Handango. Also, the functionality in this version will likely replace the current light control module of Profeo 600 Lite in one of the next releases, so you might want to give it a try and provide me with your comments. As far as I am aware, it provides the most options to adjust the lights of your Treo 600 of any application out there, with exception that it is not completely automatic (as BrightCam is )

    New in this version is:
    - option for smart opt+p hotkey, which switches between Profeo LC's day and night mode at any time and remembers the last selected mode, so you don't have to press it every time when you turn on Treo.
    - option for permanent keyboard backlight in both night AND day modes.
    - it now overrides the internal light control of the phone/SMS applications.
    - updated documentation.

    Please enjoy the program responsibly. All comments, bug reports, feature requests and, of course, donations are very welcome.
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    Did you use Profeo today ?
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    Is there a Treo 650 version of Profeo LightControl or any of the other Profeo applications?

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