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    Has anyone noticed that the new Palm Mail app that was installed with the recent update, does not allow for address selection with the D-pad? No matter what I try, I cant get to the look up address screen with the D-pad. Has anyone else come accross this, or am I just doing something wrong

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    I don't know if you're on GSM or Sprint, or if the Mail apps are the same between the two.

    With my GSM Treo running PalmOne Mail 1.02a, from any of the address fields (To, Cc, ...) I can press menu-L to get to the lookup screen. Not as nice as the SMS app. But still doable.

    [Edit: Oops...I realized you said you wanted to use only the D-pad. Hmmm...I can't figure that out either! I use Snapper anyway, which does allow you to use the D-pad only like the SMS app.]
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    Its Sprint. Thanks for the menu-L tip too.
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    Menu L works thanks for the tip


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