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    I've ordered a Fortuna U2 PS2 GPS receiver, and I'd appreciate any views on the best software for use on my (Orange UK) Treo 600.

    I've looked at ViaMichelin's MapSonic software, and it looks good with lots of new features being added... anyone using it? Any good?

    What about Mapopolis or TomTom? Are these available with UK maps?

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    At the moment i have just installed TT3 Navigator on my Treo, i have the gb maps but i need to acvtivate them as some one copied the map file - think i may have to buy it. Does the Fortuna u2 ps2 GPs work ok , will be buying one in the next week or so?
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    I have TomTom Navigator (update version 4.1) with Benelux map running. ACtually not really, because I don't have a GPS receiver (yet). But everything, except the routing itself seems to work. I can browse through all options, change display types (night/day, 2D/3D) and I can calculate a route from point A to point B.

    So now I'm very eager to know what GPS device will work on my Treo 600 and with TomTom Navigator.

    I also have a question about the adapter cables (GPS to Treo 600 and car 12V power supply). You see many Treo adapter cables, but only few Treo 600 adapter cables. I hestitate to buy a plain Treo adapter cable, because of the incompatibility issues that exist with standard Treo chargers and Treo 600 devices. Or are these concerns unnecesary.
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    OK, so things have moved on a little since my post.

    Firstly, the Fortuna U2 works fine. At the end of the day, the only real differences (apart from price!) between GPS receivers is accuracy/how well they 'see' the satellites, and their cold/warm start times. The U2 allows the software I'm running to pinpoint my location accurately, so I guess it's 'seeing' enough satellites, and it doesn't take that long to start up when I connect it to the PDA. I also like the fact that I can buy additional adapters for it, so it can work with other PDAs should I change. So, thumbs up, and I'd recommend.

    I've tried TomTom 3.01 on my iPAQ 3870, and Destinator 3.0.something. Both work fine - I think I prefer TomTom 3. I've also installed a free waypoint program with the database of UK speed cameras from (? I think that's where it came from!) which works fine. I looked at TrafCam but don't like the interface.

    So, for now, I'll stick with TomTom 3... but I am interested in MapSonic and might give that a go in the future.
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    Did you also run TomTom on the Treo 600, with GPS connected?? if I'm right you can use the TomTom 3 mpas with the palm update from the TomTom website.
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    Ah, no, I should have explained. I tested Mapopolis on my T600, but wasn't impressed. I like viaMichelin's Mapsonic, but their T600 version (that works with the 160x160 screen) isn't out yet. Before I got my T600 I used a Nokia 'phone with an iPAQ, so I just bought the connector for the U2 GPS 'mouse' and connected it to the iPAQ. My plan is to use that until Mapsonic is out for the T600 and then switch back.
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    So does TOMTOM work on treo 600??? i thought tomtom version 3 wouldnt work with Palm OS 5, and i thought TOMTOM 4 was only for palm tungsten. Can someone please confirm or disagree with me!!! I would love to use TOM TOM on my treo using a GPS so i hope someone can prove me wrong!!!
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    Bumping an old thread

    I've got Mapsonic but only with the benelux maps, but soon I'll have the whole europe map.
    I'll let you know how it goes, I'll testdrive it on my holiday to schotland
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