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    Ok...if you do a hard reset and you run Backupbussy, shouldn't it restore your contacts too?
    Well why are my contacts missing????

    Then, I hotsync my treo with Outlook contacts and the hotsync log says:
    -- Address Book
    - Desktop category 'Hotels' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'Friends' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'Work' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'VIP' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'Other' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'Businesses' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'School Instr' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'Family' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'Restaurant' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'Groceries Store' has been deleted.
    - Desktop category 'Doc/Therapy/Vet' has been deleted.
    - Some handheld records were not copied to your PC. Your computer may be full or you may have reached the maximum allowed records on the desktop. To correct this situation, delete some records and perform a HotSync operation again.

    It erased all my I have to go and do that sh*t all over again.
    But even more so I also thing that any changes I have made to numbers (such as update or whatever) has been erased too.

    Any help?
    Why didn't BackUpBuddy restore my contacts?
    This sucks!
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    i don't know why the backupprogram messed up, but i can explain you why your hotsync deleted the whole lot.
    When you did your hard reset, you deleted everything from the treo and started with a clean device. Than when you ran your backup-program which restored the treo but left out the contacts (again, don't ask me why) Then when you preformed a hotsync it looked as if your device never had a hard-reset, but you just deleted the contacts, so hotsync deleted the contacts on your pc in order to make your hotsync backup the same as the restored treo.
    I know this explanation is a bit funny, but i hope this makes sence.

    My advice would be : don't use any backup tool.
    Hotsync can recover your treo completely after a hard reset. Just plug it in, select the user profile you want wait a couple of minutes et voila .. everything is back, including contacts, settings, the whole lot.
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    If you are using Outlook connected to an Exchange server, you can always assume that there will be a system backup that could be restored.

    Occasionally, a weird scenario liks this can happen where blank gets written over good.

    I really like the feature of PocketMirror which allows you to make a one-time copy of your data from Outlook to Palm Desktop. You can do the reverse also if the worst happens. Go to Outlook and select Chapura Settings from the Tools menu. Select your user name and then open the conduit settings for the data store you want to backup e.g. Contacts. You choose HotSync action from the dialog that appears. Then choose from the right panel of options: One Time Action of Next HotSync to Backup to Palm Desktop. This is a cool feature for giving you peace of mind especially if your IT folks are poor at making backups.
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    The reason I use BackUpBuddy is b/c hotsync doesn't restore or back up everything in your device (found out after a hard reset after a FW upgrade) so I got BackUpBuddy to do this.
    Your explaination about it earsing my contacts b/c they were not in the device to match makes lots of sense. Thanks for your help.

    I deleted Chapura out b/c it cause my Outlook to crash....badly.
    So much so sometimes I couldn't even launch Outlook without it clocing like three times before it decided to stay open. And then even then when I did something in Outlook it would close again.
    I'm not sure why it caused it to crash.
    I now install Beyond Contact and while Outlook is not crash-free it still works better that Chapura Pocket Mirror.
    I alos have Documents to go and the Inbox To Go that syncs the mail freezes...not sure what's going on there either.
    I just emailed DataViz support.

    I have Windows 2000 and run Microsoft Office XP (so I guess Outlook is also Oulook XP). Not sure if thi is it but according to my boyfriend it shouldn't be.
    I'm just about gave up on having my mail synced to my Treo since it's causing so much trouble.

    As far as the contacts go...I'm still bummed out about the situation and wouldn't want it to happen again.
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    you should have your contacts as "sync between desktop and handheld". that means if any conflict happens, ur handheld will have what it has + desktop contacts. same thing in the desktop as well.

    try to use backupman. it seems better.
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    After a hard reset you have to be careful upon the first sync. You have to choose RE-SYNC that first time. If you choose to simply sync as usual you can erase things. I know from experience (aargh).
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    I do. After having some conflict when I had my palm over rides desktop I learned the hard way to just 'sync'. Thanks for the response.

    Tell me about it.
    I'll try and keep the RE-SYNC in mind for the next time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo_78
    I'll try and keep the RE-SYNC in mind for the next time.
    Cool. Think of it like this, when you hard reset you're erasing all data on the handheld. So if you do a normal sync after doing so then it's like telling the conduit that you just deleted a bunch of records. Since you're syncing - the conduit wants to make both sides the same so it ends up erasing everything on the other side of the mirror.

    When you do a re-sync it's like telling the conduit that you just erased one side of the mirror and want to restore it from whatever data exists on the other side. This is why a re-sync is essential after a hard reset.
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    Got it
    Thanks a mil.
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    Is "re-sync" somthing that only is available automatically the first time you sync after a hard reset? I'm looking through the hotsync options on the Treo and the Palm Desktop, and also the manual, but don't see "re-sync" anywhere.

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