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    I must be daft, but I cannot get Wifile to work properly.

    Here's my setup.

    1. Treo 600 w/ wifile installed.
    2. Macintosh running OSX.3.3
    3. Cable Modem
    4. Linksys router doing dhcp

    any help would be appreciated.
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    You need a program (VPN) as described in the Solutions PDF. I would like to use Movian by Certicom as it supports IPSEC which I may be able to use with Check Point or any other IPSEC VPN but according to them, they do not have a compatible version for Treo 600. The only other alternative is to use Mergic VPN (via PPTP). Personally I hate to configure my XP Pro box for PPTP.
    Your final option is to put your PC outside the Linksys either by DMZ or just plug it into the router directly - (not wise in today's hacker world!)


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