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    After upgrading to 1.20 Firmware (Sprint CDMA)...My blazer connects with blazing speed. The webpages even with graphics load superfast. Infact I never even cleared my cookies/history after purchasing the treo (In Jan 2004)
    Did anybody else have similar experience ? I had no problems while upgrading to new firmware too. I would say " UPGRADE " if you haven't yet.

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    It's good to hear this. I also like the SMS privacy option the new firmware has. I am a little wary of installing the updater yet because (A) all the problems people said they are having and (B) it doesn't really have a feature that I'm really excited about. I wish they included with the ability to receive PictureMail with Voice Memos, the ability to send PictureMail with Voice Memo. Plus, I really don't want to install the Handspring Mail program as I have SnapperMail and love it.

    My Treo: Treo 650, Sprint CDMA. SW: 1.08, HW: A.
    My Plan: $105/mo for 2000 AT, Unlimited N&W starting at 7pm, Unlimited PCS to PCS, No Roaming Charges in the U.S., Unlimited PCS Vision, Unlimited SMS & PictureMail.
    My Stats: Using an average of 50MB of PCS Vision per month. 2,500+ photos in my PCS PictureMail account. Had a Treo 600 since 10/24/03, switched to a Treo 650 on 1/5/05.
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    For me it sped up after the 1.10 update, and now with 1.20 it's even snappier. Could be just subjective optimism, but I'd swear I notice a difference. Could also have been a network upgrade in my area (Central Virginia).

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