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    My SIM is from when I bought the 270. It will be 2 years next week...
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    I can't quite recall when I got the SIM chip that's in the Treo at the moment.
    I'm going to venture and say it was somewhere around last February or so (2003)

    Oddly enough, I know for a fact the Select Network feature appears with 2.12 and the same SIM chip.
    I've got to unopened Treos here with 2.12 CNG firmware and it shows up on them.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    I think I remember hearing that the newer firmwares enforce the disabling of network select better than older firmwares. So it was possible before, even if your SIM chip didn't enable network select, that the Treo would show it anyway. But now the Treo isn't supposed to show network select if your SIM chip doesn't support it.

    I've had my chip since late 2002. And I think it was shortly after that that Cingular started distributing new chips that disabled network select. Although I think the _really_ old ones don't enable it either, but I'm not too sure on that point.

    Note, this is all recollection based on what I think I remember reading either here or on HoFo. So please don't flame me too bad if I'm saying something wrong!
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    I also have lost Network Select when I upgraded to SW 1.12 / FW 3.05. I have a new GSM Treo 600 (unlocked, bought at the very end of the T-Mobile upgrade offer).
    It came with:
    Treo600-1.11-INT SW and 2.12 FW. I was able to use Select Network and on Cingular would see Cingular and 2 Cingular Extend's (ATT and TMo?).

    I activated it on Cingular with a new SIM mid-April and I did have Network Select available. I think it has something to do with the T-Mobile INT settings rather than the SIM card as I watched the brand new SIM activated in a Cingular store.

    I first upgraded to 1.12/3.05 CNG and didn't notice whether I had the Network Select available. A day later I upgraded to the 1.12/3.05 ROW, thinking that would be better for the INT version of the phone I had. Network select is no longer available, though it does show up in the options menu when the phone is off. I am hopeful that the T-Mobile update when it comes out will restore the Select Network option as I would like that option.
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    In addition, has anyone with the T-Mobile upgrade unlocked INT Treo 600 who had upgraded to the new ROW SW 1.12 / FW 3.05 changed back to either:

    INT SW1.11/FW2.12, or
    CNG SW 1.12/FW3.05 ?
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    I'm with T-Mobile and have 3.05 INT update. I can select networks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wskteo
    I'm with T-Mobile and have 3.05 INT update. I can select networks.
    Do you have the 3.05 INT or the 3.05 ROW? The table listed on PalmOne says that the T-Mobile updater to 3.05 will carry the INT name.
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    I have a 600 gotten through the HS update program for T-Mobile. It is running Treo600-1.12-ROW with a T-Mo SIM and get 'Select Network' as a menu item.

    Selecting that item lists the networks it can detect (T-Mobile and Cingular at the moment).
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