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    I am happy to say the Bluetrek G2 Bluetooth Headset with 2.5 Adapter works on the Treo 600.

    You can answer and end calls from the headset and it is far superior to the Jabra Freespeak in clarity, reception and noise.

    It also has 9 hours talk time versus the Jabra Freespeak - 2 hours and no additional software needed to answer/end calls from the headset.
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    sweet man!!!

    um whats the site you purchased yours from may i ask?
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    Sorry people but I am returning the unit.

    It works except the voice quality is poor for the person on the other end.

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    dang dang dang!!!
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    Well what about connecting to Bluetooth printers or the other 50 BT stuff out there? I mean I don't really care about headsets.
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    The Dongle is only for Headsets.

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