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    Clicking through the options, it seems all the GSM updates on PalmOne's website incorporate a SMS privacy option which hides the message text and sender on incoming SMS. The Sprint update does not list this as a feature.

    For those of you who have installed the Sprint update, is it a feature that they failed to mention on the website or was it really not included?

    If it wasn't included, why do you think Sprint would ask (if they did, obviously) not to have that feature included; or why would PalmOne choose not to include it for Sprint?

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    Ummm... Under Options/Preferences look for the MESSAGES tab. The first option is... "Privacy Mode (Hide Text)"
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    I did the Sprint 1.20 update and I got the "Privacy" option. In the SMS app, go to MENU > OPTIONS > PREFERENCES.
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    Ok, thanks everyone!

    I'm sorry I didn't make clear that I did not download the update to my Sprint Treo yet. I'm still running 1.10.

    Thanks again.

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