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    Can anyone reccomend a tool for monitoring GPRS usage & connection speed? I can find them for pocketpc but no luck searching for one that will run on the treo. I'm looking for one that can tell me my daily/monthly usage and warn me when I'm getting close to plan capacity.
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    Have a look at TrafficStat @ doesn't give you any warnings though.
    Hopefully pdaapps will update kbtracker to support the 600 someday. That app also allowed you to set alerts when you got close to your monthly totals.
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    I have TrafficStat and am quite happy with it. I was surprised that the Treo didn't come with software that tracked this, as many basic mobile phones now have this function.
    I think some networks enable you to type in a series of commands that allow you to get this information OTA from them. I'm with Orange UK- who don't support this.
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    For those interested in tracking data usage on GSM phones, TrafficSoft, the tracking software mentioned in this thread, is now available only from I had to search around the web a while to find it.
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    Is it compatible with the 650?
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