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    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help. For some reason I cannot get my treo 600 to sync properly. Everything seems ok when I sync but when I go to the sync log I see an error that says:

    HotSync operation started 05/21/04 00:23:11
    OK Date Book
    OK Address Book
    OK To Do List
    OK Memo Pad
    OK Treo Pictures
    OK Documents To Go

    System synchronization failed
    Protocol Error: Handheld file could not be opened. (4004)
    HotSync operation complete 05/21/04 00:23:16

    Don't know what this error is but it stops the sync from backing up my files and config.
    Has anyone ever seen this?
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    Odd, I just got that same exact message.
    I was searching and bumped into your post.

    Anyone else encounter this????
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    Yes. Had it for ages. Managed to fix it once- can't remember how I did it though! Not too bothered though cuz I use backupman regularly.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I just now noticed this same error in my Hotsync log. After searching TC and not finding a resolution posted, I contacted P1 support and they figured it was ptunes causing a problem for me during Hotsync. The solution was to delete ptunes and all associated files from both the T600 and the backup folder on my PC, then reinstall ptunes. It solved the error during Hotsync.
    If anyone is still having this error issue, I can post the entire P1 fix (it is rather lengthy).
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    Bassplayer - i would be interested in further details from P1 concerning this issue since I noticed today thaty I am getting the same error message (though I do not seem to be having any functional problems from the results of the error). Only thing is...I do not have ptunes on my Treo, though I do have Real Player if it makes a difference. Thanks for the help!
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    Here is the detailed response from P1. As you can see my error was with ptunes, although it looks like this solution will work with other apps that are making Hotsync unhappy. My guess is to look at the backup log and see which app craps out the backup process (it immediately preceeds the error statement) and then follow P1's instructions. My Hotsyncs have been working without errors since I applied this fix. Hope this is of some use...

    "Thank you for contacting palmOne Technical Support. This is **** and I will be assisting your email with regard to synchronization failure on your third-party software while doing the backup.

    I understand that you want to resolve that issue on your Treo™ 600 smartphone. Base on the log that you send to me, you are having trouble with the pocket tunes and you need to uninstall or delete that one and reinstall it again.

    To delete an application from your device (that is, to permanently remove or uninstall the application so that the icon no longer appears on your screen and the memory on your device is released):

    Open the Applications launcher.
    Access the Menu launcher.
    From the App menu choose Delete.
    Tap the name of the application you would like to delete.
    Tap on the Delete button. Tap on the Yes button to confirm that you wish to delete the chosen application.
    Note 1: Some applications, including those that were pre-installed on your handheld, cannot be deleted. If an application cannot be deleted, it will not appear in the list. The built-in applications do not occupy any of your device's memory as they reside permanently in Read Only Memory (ROM).

    Note 2: If you wish to delete "hidden" files on your device, which do not appear on the Delete list in the Launcher, you need a third-party application such as FileZ or zCatalog. You may run the risk of losing your data or synchronization ability if you delete programs or data required by your handheld. Use of these applications is not supported by palmOne.

    Why do deleted applications come back?
    Although you may have deleted the program from your device, it may have been archived in your desktop backup folder. If this happens, each time you perform a HotSync that program or data may be reinstalled on your device.

    To remove the application from the backup folder on your desktop computer:

    Navigate to the Backup folder in your User Folder.
    Locate the file you are trying to remove and delete it. It will almost always end with either a .prc (Palm OS application file) or .pdb (Palm OS database file) extension.
    To install the application, here are the steps:

    Using your desktop computer, download the software that you want to install on your device. If the software you download is compressed, you need to decompress it (how to decompress files).
    Double-click the Palm OS (.prc or .pdb) file.
    An Install Tool window opens. If asked, choose the device to which you want to install the file (if you have only one device, you may not see this window).
    The main Install Tool window opens. If you want to install additional files, just drag and drop them into the Install Tool window.
    Click Done.
    Perform a HotSync operation to transfer the application to your device.
    Note: Some Palm OS software uses an automated installer whose filename ends in .exe (you may need to decompress the file first). If that's the case, double-click on the .exe file, and follow the onscreen instructions.

    If this does not resolve the issue, you may contact the manufacturer of the software."

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