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    have u guys noticed in full birghtess in bright sunlight your screen doesnt appear that bright ... (still dark) after the 3.05 gsm update ?

    or am i just paranoid ?
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    I've been asking myself that question too! Something definitley looks different in the screen brightness. I've just kinda been dismissing it...Maybe you are on to something.
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    Brightness stays the same with Sprint 1.20 update.Very bright. Have you tried re-adjusting it all the way up?
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    yep! It's still very bright but somethings sometimes just looks a bit different. After stairring at my treo practically 24/7 for the last 6 months it just looks a bit different at times since the upgrade.
    Probably just my imagination!
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    yeah not for sprint maybe on GSM only
    so u guys noticed it also .. so definately not me alone ...
    coz i realize the brightnes in day sunlight is not very clear like it used too ...
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    Maybe the contrast setting got reset? You can make the screen almost black with just contrast.
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    i normally leave my contrast to default ..
    and never changed it ... hmmm .. i just need to confirm that someone really notice this brightness defect ..

    the good way is to compare it with someone wit 3.04 crow update ..
    if some one there alreayd upgrade to 3.05 please try to find some of your frens with 3.04 and compare it side by side in same brightness and contrast outdoor bright sunlight .. see which screen is brighter... if the 3.04 is brigheter then i might just switch back to 3.04 ..

    also anothing thing i just noticed that 3.04 Voice Rec was so much clearer compare to 3.05.. 3.05 has something like too sensitive mic which make the crackling sound when u record your voice .. need your opinion ...
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    bump.. somenoe please respond with comparison..
    coz i think im gonna downgrade back to 3.04 coz this brightness in daylight is really anoyying me when it gets dark in bright sunlight ..

    cam someone compare 3.04 and 3.05 phone side by side full birghtness please ...
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    My PalmOne Treo 600 replacement was dimmer even before my upgrade to the latest firmware. Palm Support says that if I am bothered, I can send it back for a replacement.
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    i think im just gonna downgrade and test it my self ... lol
    i am really a treo paranoia ... (and i hate that) hahahahha
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    damn ... cannot downgrade ..
    this device isnt compatible ..

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ...
    im confirmed that the brightness is lowered in 3.05 coz i cant see a thing at 12 noon .. even with full brightness ...

    3.04 used to be fine ..
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    i just downloaded backtoroots.prc
    and flashed teh firmware ...

    then dwonlaod CROW 1.12 updater 3.04 and now im flashing it ..
    hoping that the brightness problem will be resolved ...

    can someone really tell me what backtoroots.prc really does ?
    i just followed instruction only but i dont know whats the point of backtoroots.prc actually .. coz previously i couldnt downgrade it says device not compatible
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    I was going to upgrade my treo (cingular) tomorrow.

    Xaix, please let me know what you find after your downgrade....

    anyone else out there who has upgraded their treo (cingular) to the new firmware and feel it is less bright.

    I live in California...and I want to use my treo out in the sun.

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    cs123 hold your thougts about the upgrade for a while ..
    i know the upgrade has been great for some ppl but it had been for mee too .. but somehow i dont feel as satisfied as i was on the 3.04

    heres why :

    1. after i upgrade my microphone becomes super sensitive ... i use voice recorder and find that its very sensitive till all the sounds recorded are distorted ..

    2. birghtness a bit low .. although no one notices it but i find that its hard to see out in the sun right now with the 3.05

    3. mysteriously my battry went from fully charge to 43% overnight ... no missed called .. no nothing ... suprising ..

    i already downgrade to 3.04 CROW 1.12 updater .. coz when ur in 3.05 u cant downgrade u have to use backtoroots.prc first (which i still dont know what it does btw)

    AFTER DOWNGRADE to 3.04:

    -i cant confirm on the brightness yet has it improved or not coz when i went outside .. it was raining .. no bright sunlight .. so i got to test it tomorow ..

    -as for voice recorder .. the sound tremendously improved .. no more crackling noice too sensitive mic .. it was perfect ..

    -as for battry life .. ill tell u the result tomorow ..

    cs123 hold your tought on upgrading first ... if u want to proceed to the upgrade would be great as well .. coz u might noticed the birghtness defect as well .. since u always use your treo out in the sun ..and we can surely determind that the 3.05 causes significat less brightness.

    up 2 u ill post my result tomroow .. as for now only voice rec is improved.
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    however my hardware becomes

    Hardware : Treo 600 x.y

    sob .. why is this ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xaix
    however my hardware becomes

    Hardware : Treo 600 x.y

    sob .. why is this ?
    Use Tokenwriter to change it:

    write prnm Treo 600 (can't remember if you have to put single quotes around 'Treo 600' or not)
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    ok thanks
    but i tot token writer is used for locked phones only
    ill try .. thanks for the tip
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    xaix...i'll wait to hear if your downgrade took you back to desired state for your treo.

    I would normally upgrade and try it out..but I have too many things going ....I don't want to muck around with my treo unless I have to.
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    well if you can it would be best if u upgrade
    u can downgrade it back with no problem ...
    but i just want to confirm that the upgrade causes teh brightness to be low
    (coz i dont want to reupgrade)

    so far only you can tell coz ur always out in the sun

    but im for certain sure that the voice recorder improved with the downgrade 3.04

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