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    I was just wondering since the T600 has settled into the lives of many users.
    What's the current opion on the Best Launcher? and consider the following points, Size, One Handed use, Features can you get ride of other apps, price, support/upgrades
    I'll start with mine Wassup - $12.00 - Today style screen gives access to all the main date/time/calendar apps. integrates with snapper mail to give you amount of read and pending messages, pending tasks and appointments.
    Has a nice little lauch bar which allows 15 apps. I can run everything with one hand - hasn't been updated since july '03
    It has no built in tools and takes up about 250k which I guess is average.
    for me its a good app i use filez and uninstall and powerrun for my other features.

    I guess this tread is just to get an idea so I can prune down the amont of apps on my unit.
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    I am currently using LauncherX... I would be using MegaLauncher IF it was compatable with the Treo600. (If you install the LoRes version, it tells you to install the OS5 version. You install the OS5 version, and you only get to see the upper left 1/4 of the screen) It only supports HiRes OS5 devices. And they say that a new version is comming... In several months...

    If anybody has ever used MegaLauncher and wants it for the Treo600, E-Mail them and tell them to hurry up!!!
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    I'm in the exact situation that tavisjohn described... i'd been a loyal and enthusiastic megalauncher user for years, from my palm vx to my clie. unfortunately it doesn't work on the treo, so I've been using launcher x. and, I must say, it has really grown on me. I tried to like zlauncher but it was just way too cluttered, ugly and unrefined. for me, zlauncher = windows and launcher x = mac...and I'm a mac user. sure zlauncher gives you insane amounts of options and features, and most users around here will proclaim it to be the handsdown best because you get so many more features for LESS money, but launcher x is much much more refined and elegant. as with my choice to use a mac, i'd much rather look at launcher x all day than some zlauncher theme.

    if megalauncher ever actually comes out with their treo compatible version, I'll give it a try, but I'll probably just stay with lx.
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    Hi-Launcher is far and away the best one I've used. It provided one-handed access to an almost unlimited (pratically speaking) number of applications.

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    I have ZLauncehr and like it very much.
    I have LauncherX and honestly can't remember why I uninstall it.
    But as in most cases people have diff taste.
    It's best for you to try both or all (most have trial versions) and decide for yourself.
    Good luck
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    I uninstalled Hi-launcher and now go with zLauncher and McPhling.

    I just bought zLauncher this week- great file manager (can get rid of FileZ), and the best part is its ability to package and move apps and all database files to my SD Card. The Move to Card feature freed up 15 meg of internal memory. Apps Hotsync and work just fine. All for $10. Not bad.
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    Try Arrow Launcher tried it bought it real fast and now i use it instead of launcher X
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    ZLauncher offers a skin on the Zztechs website that makes it look identical to LauncherX. With ZLauncher you get twice the number of features as any of the other applications. It's a really easy choice one you test them all out thoroughly.

    N.B. ZLauncher is brilliant with a memory card because of the way, with the "Move to Card" feature, your applications on your memory card appear to you as though they are in Ram. I keep hundreds of megs of freeware and applications I have accumulated, and I have no remorse when I purchase large graphic intensive programs. For instance, I just purchased MicroQuad, an awesome driving game, and Natar Day Notez.

    To supplement ZLauncher, I use 1 Button Pro (to assign 9 applications to each hard button) and Butler (so that holding down keypad letters launches apps). I didn't like 1 button pro until I let the author know about the program's short comings on the Treo600. He emailed me a new beta that is VASTLY superior to what's on Palmgear. So you may want to contact him as well.

    Good luck!
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    I have used Launcher X for so long, so I'm used to it (back in the Freeware days when it was Launcher III). That coupled w/ ArrowLauncher now and I'm good to go. But I agree w/ one of the above's all a matter of personal taste. I'm always hestitant to say "this is the absolute best [anything]" because it's all subjective.
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    Zlauncher. Fairly resonable support for the 5way, great file manager and SD card support, unbelievable customization options.
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    LauncherX. I tried sooo hard to like Zlauncher, but it's sooo cluttered. I love my treo because I don't need to use a stylus for almost anything, but with Zluancher there's so much stuff and almost everything you need a stylus because it's so small. I tried different skins, I made different configurations... I just couldn't get it to work. With LauncherX it lacks background images, but I don't miss it now. I give each application tab a background colour and a icon. It supports drag and drop to other icons and to it's "Gadgets" on a bar on the bottom (things like delete, beam, move to/from card, etc). There's some themes, but not a ton compatible for the Treo 600. I found a nice one that make it look clean and simple.
    Click here for a screenshot of my LauncherX desktop

    However, I also use Today. Today is a freeware app that is much like Wassup, I think it came from the same code. I did purchase Wassup first, but I don't like the themes I could find for Wassup, and the stupid text rendering problem that makes it all squished, so once I found Today I made the switch. I set my Calendar hard button to Today and lets me see all my to-do items, and calendar stuff. I also set the launcher bar on the bottom for a few apps I use a lot. I use Versamail, so it displays unread mail just fine.
    Click here for a shot of my Today screen
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    Switched from LauncherX to ZLauncher after some trepidation but the right combination of skin/background/setup makes it a little more appealing, especially since they added support for the signal strength indicator in 4.10

    ...word is Parker from PDA Performance (makers of Contacts5) also has an app launcher in development and can't wait to check it out once it's available...
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    Scotty, could you post a screenshot of your zlauncher setup?
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    Today is a great app. I too had Wassup and deleted it after I found Today.
    Today looks way sleeker and classier than Wassup (Weird huh, being that wassup is shareware and today is freeware).
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    I never use the stylus in ZLauncher, unless I'm doing something sort of administrative, like working in the file manager or something. What else do you need to use the stylus for?
  18. #18 sentiments exactly. i've really tried to like zlauncher in the past, i just can't get past it's ugliness.

    i just reinstalled zlauncher with a launcher x skin i found on palmgear hoping it would overcome that, but i guess it's only high res. the default XP skin is just awful, and most screen shots i see of other people's themes are terrible as well...just no aesthetic sense to them. much liek when i look at people's pocket pc today screens with some loud pic in the background that you can't even read the appointments over. i just don't get it.

    but, i guess if i could figure out a good way to configure zlauncher to look really clean, i could be happy with it. scotty i'd like to see your screenshot as well.

    i have a weird problem whenever i install zlauncher though...whenever i click the center button of the 5way, it doesn't activate the highlight square to select programs. makes it pretty unusable for me.
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    ZLauncher's default interface is cluttered, yes, but the beauty of it is how versatile it is. You can have it as clean or cluttered looking as you'd like, but you have to spend a bit of time learning what all of the different settings do...
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    look like most peopl vote for zlauncher.
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