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    It is indeed hard to find lowres themes for the Zlauncher and can guarantee you that this is one of the major complaints. But you have to remember this is just one of Zlauncher's handycaps and well the reality is that all the diff launchers out there have it's own handycap...
    It's all a matter of what you are willing to deal with, or without

    I'm not sure what it is you're do you have your tabs set? and where do you see these diff tabs?
    If you can elaborate a lil bit more, I may be able to help you (or someone else )
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    I solved it...thanks. If you have fewer tabs so that they all fit on the screen, it deletes the buttons automatically.
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    ChiefBragg - Have you tried ZLauncher Prototype Theme 1.0.1 ?
    It's simple and does not have that cluttered/busy look.
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    Debating between Hi Launcher and Z Launcher.

    1.Between the two, which can free up the greatest amount of space on the Treo AND maintain program functionality?

    2.Which has better 5 way support?

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    The megalauncher 5 beta is looking great, so maybe hold off a few weeks and try it out before purchasing anything!
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    JoJo 78:

    I agree... I am sure they all have their own pros and cons. I am going to try ZLauncher for a little while and perhaps I will find that "perfect theme" even it it may not be one to mimic or clone the Mac OS


    Thanks for the link to the "Prototype" theme. I just downloaded it and will give it a try tonight!
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