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    I've been waiting for 2 or 3 months on it after making the Easter egg....

    I was playing with the settings on the trial version of DateBk5, and here it goes right across the screen very slow

    (Sorry everyone, just got a little excited is all!!)
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    huh? what?
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    There are some "hidden easter eggs" - in almost every complex program, like operating system, the programmers will add some things for fun - typically graphics or animations that appear occasionally on the screen. for PalmOS one such thing is a small yellow taxi cab, which passes through your screen.
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    There's a thread about the Taxi here already:
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    I'm still waiting...been a couple months now and no taxl
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    Finally saw my first taxi just now. It's been months. Now I can rest easy...
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    Just saw mine last week after a week or so of waiting.
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    Same here, saw it this week after waiting for months. Then again I haven't been waiting for months on just this phone, its been months between 4 different Treo 600s.
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    Haven't seen one yet!
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    I saw it once on my TH55, It was in the corner of my eye adn turned to see it zip buy.
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    I have seen the yellow taxi many times...and at one particular instance..I was playing ptunes in the background and it made the taxi go realllyyyyy sloooowwwllly....
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    Funny, I did the easter egg thing last night and saw the Taxi this morning. Cool.

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    OK, what is the "easter egg" thing?
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    Make a small ccw circle at bottom right of General in Prefs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cleveland216
    Make a small ccw circle at bottom right of General in Prefs...
    To enable the Taxi Easter Egg hit the Apps key (the little house key at the bottom of the keyboard)...Select Preferences...Select General. Now comes the fun part. Using the stylus, draw a little counterclockwise circle in the lower right corner of the screen. If you get it just right, a multicolored Easter Egg magically appears. To disable it, just tap the egg with the stylus.

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