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    how about freeware?
    Theres got to be one out there.
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    Kinoma player is free, but the desktop Producer app cost money. Also, you can use the MMplayer beta...
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    You can register your Treo and get Ptunes for free. It plays MP3s very well.
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    Although not a big fan or Real Player on my PC, I'm using the Real Mobile Player on my T600. It's free, good and seamlessly integrates with the Player on your computer (easy transfer, lists, etc.). That said, I'm not a heavy user, hence, don't know how it performs in every day file transfer and use.
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    I use Pocket-Tunes Deluxe for MP3 music, Audible for audio books. I have Real player installed but have not used it- havent bought any new music recently, but this would be great for that. I also have Kinoma, but dont use it since I havent found a real use for it yet. Same goes with MMplayer- installed, but no use yet.

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